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Chandan Kumar

Issue with Microsoft Azure Functions connecting to CosmosDB

JavaScript, Azure1 min read

This one was a pesky annoying issue that ate up a lot of my time. The solution was just deletion of a line. I couldn't find the exact issue on stackoverflow, but there were some hints. Like generated JSON has issues.

While following Azure Documentation on connecting Azure function with Cosmos DB, I ran into following error.

1[2021-10-29T19:05:02.795Z] The 'HttpTrigger1' function is in error: Unable to configure binding 'outputDocument' of type 'cosmosDB'. This may indicate invalid function.json properties. Input string was not in a correct format.

The issue was with generated function.json file, I had to snip out the following to get it working

1"collectionThroughput": ""

So the final node looked something like

2 "type": "cosmosDB",
3 "direction": "out",
4 "name": "outputDocument",
5 "databaseName": "my-database",
6 "collectionName": "my-container",
7 "createIfNotExists": false,
8 "connectionStringSetting": "CosmosDbConnectionString",
9 "partitionKey": "{id}"

Azure should update the code generation logic or the document


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