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Chandan Kumar

Chandan Kumar

Yo! Personal blog by Chandan Kumar.

I blog about software, photographs and tutorials. ex-Liftoff, ex-Coreobjects

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Remix Run Tutorial: Mongodb connection with Mongoose and Typegoose

We will use Typegoose to create MongoDB models instead of using Mongoose directly. "Typegoose is a "wrapper" for easily writing Mongoose…

reactjs, mongodb
Remix Firebase authentication on server side

Tutorial on using Firebase to authorize server side access in a Remix app. Remix has a good support for server side rendering. In this part…

reactjs, firebase, remix
Remix: Web Socket connection Tutorial under 5 minutes, and beyond

To setup with Remix we need to do the following Setup Remix App with Express Add Web socket dependencies Tweak package.json to run…

remix, react
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