About Chandan Kumar

If it isn’t obvious; Name Chandan Kumar. Age is inconsistent, albeit consistently in Bangalore. I work as a Software Engineer in Liftoff India. My blog may not be very obvious of what I work on, these days its JavaScript. I am not fascinated by any specific programming language and find flaws with every stack. Optimizing application performance is exciting, tiring and painfully tiring, sometimes.


I have been experimenting with web for years, to build a perfect solution for my online presence. These web pages, what you see right now is powered by Jekyll. I used Octopress prior to Jekyll but it is dormant now. Oh and in the past I have tried way too many things. But then as its said keep things simple and blah blah. So here it is, hello world of Web. Plain old HTML, topped with CSS and JavaScript. I would like to make this PWA but thats for another time.


I have been blogging on various topics on blogger for sometime now, but, sparingly. Now that I know of Octopress I am in a state of commotion, should I still use blogger? Anyway, I am yet to write a decent post in here. I hope to keep writing something more often to effectively use Octopress.


You can find me on