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Chandan Kumar

Migrating to Gatbsy

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I planned to use Gatsby for a long time now, but deferred it for a very long period of time.

There was no real strong reason to migrate from Jekyll to Gatsby. I wanted to try out Gatsby beyond "Hello World", and migrating something that was live would have given a good hands on. So this blog. It wasn't a breeze, I wanted to preserve the existing URLs of my blog. I tried out the steps given at this Gatsby post but it did not work for me. Below is what I did to get it working.

What worked

Update I did a few things diffently and will write up a separate blog for it.

original content below

For sometime my blog has been hosted on Google Cloud and as a part of this migration, I have decided to move the host to Netlify. So that it's easier to compose things. Plus there is some recurring charge on GCP which I am not sure why I am being charged for. Netlify provides this template and went with it.

So some of the steps mentioned on Gatsby were not necessary for me. Two things that I had to do,

  1. change ./gatsby-node.js onCreateNode function.
  2. Change all existing template to include templateKey and change categories to tags. This step was time consuming, rather, boring as I manually made the edits to each of the existing markdown template.

Changset of ./gatsby-node.js

Git diff of a sample post.

In addition I have to update the template to my taste, as the original template is something to with Coffee store.