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Chandan Kumar

Octopress - Tutorial otherwise

octopress1 min read

Octopress is not very active. Nor do I intend to update this.


It is said very eloquently on Octopress home page and I quote

Octopress is a framework designed by Brandon Mathis for Jekyll, the blog aware static site generator powering Github Pages. To start blogging with Jekyll, you have to write your own HTML templates, CSS, Javascripts and set up your configuration.

Now before that really scares you away, let me tell you that, all that is not really very difficult. It may sound intimidating in the beginning but its not so. Of course if you know nothing about HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc. you may find it difficult to customize it.

I would primarily cover blogging basics first, assuming that, you are already all set with Octopress

Blogging basics

There are various formats in which one can blog an article. My preferred format is Markdown. Primarily because I want to master it. Other format that I use is HTML. You can mix and match formats.

Create a new blog entry
1rake new_post["title"]
Create a new page
1rake new_page["title"]
Including Gist
Including an image

Work in progress


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