Two bugs to begin with, Android 4.2 Calendar month December goes missing, second, Google App domain renewal in 2012 happens in the past.

![ Calendar Control Screen Shot on Android 4.2] [img right]

I got to know about the Google calendar bug from this tweet. Tweet elaborates how month of December is missing in calendar widget on the phone. Initially I simply dismissed it. Nah, would not happen, its GOOGLE after all. N of all the things on my mobile? Quite not possible. Well I changed my mind; well why not give it a shot. Next thing that I know is that What? What the Fuck!?!? Really Google? A grin and move on to chore. By the way if you have upgraded to 4.2 JB, try it yourself. You cant add birthday for month of December for your contacts at all on the phone.

Now the second part. Around evening I get a notification for domain renewal. I thought, well, I don’t want to lose my domain like my friend did other day for being lazy. Let me rather renew it right away. $10 does not hurt my situation this month. Then goes some clicks and ticks. All set. Then comes the second WTF from Google. The email screen shot above. Trust me I got this email from Google, confirming that my domain has been renewed, but guess what? It’s renewed and valid till December 15, 2010.

What do I conclude of this!

BTW if this was not enough, there was another jolt from Ebay. I asked my friend to buy me something from Ebay UK. Order placed, payment made, delivery date set. Receives confirmation email. All set. Just that he does not get the delivery (on date). Ok lets check EBay regarding status. Tries to login, invalid password. Tries to retrieve userid, invalid user id. Tries to retrieve password, invalid email. Tries to register with the same email and user id. Ebay says already register. Ah… now its time to waste some time on customer support.

Will update later on Ebay story.