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Chandan Kumar

Compare point and shoot and Mirrorless Camera

photography1 min read

I plan to buy a secondary camera thats easier to carry around. At the moment this post is for my reference. Just in case, if this note helps anyone else in deciding what they would want to buy. I am comparing compact cameras which fit my need. Primarily a sub $400 camera as on date. This note might not be relevant at all in future date.

I have this question on stackexchange. You can find opinion of other folks there.

List of cameras so far

Compact P&S

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX20V Price $328.00

Flipkart DSC-HX10V Rs. 16600

Canon PowerShot SX260 HS 12.1

Amazon Price $230/12650



On flipkart Price Rs. 18425

Mirrorless below

####Olympus E-PM1

Amazon Price $399 Looks like price changed in last few hours, the first time checked the price was $349

Flipkart Price - Rs 24000



Olympus E-PL2

Looks like best value for money. Even dpreview has appreciated this model for this price range, but this isn't the latest model

Amazon Price - $320



Some additional photos

Olympus E-pl1

At the moment this is my choice for given requirement

This is not the latest model still look good value for money.

Images on flickr

Amazon Price $290

Flipkart Unavailable.

Nikon 1 J1

Key difference between V1 and J1

On Amazon Price $397

Flickr Link to view photos taken

Some interesting Photos taken by camera

Flipkart Price Rs. 24002

Camera Nikon 1 V1

On Amazon Price $399

Flipkart Price Rs. 37782

Flickr Link to view photos

Some interesting photos on flickr


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