Some handy apps and tricks on Google Android


Google Music - On desktop go to Google Music website. You will have to signup with your account for the first time, if you haven’t already. To upload music, you will have to download and install music manager on your system. Once music manager is installed show it the folder from where you want to upload your mp3 files. This activity could be a long process depending on how many files and size of the data to be uploaded. Please note that this will consume a lot of bandwidth in case you have a lot of songs to upload. On Android you can access the app “Play Music”. You can find help at Google support

Photo Editing

Snapseed - Very powerful image editor, in case you consider Instagram and image editor, this one is a grand daddy.

Contact Syncing

Contact sync for facebook In case your phone does not sync concats from Facebook, this one does the job for you.

SMS Backup

SMS Backup+ This little app is very handy to backup your SMS to your email account. You can set it up with your Google account, this guy will take care of syncing it to your email account. In case you need some info from SMS on other device, you know where to find it.

Some other things

  • Astro file manager File browser for you phone.
  • Airdroid AirDroid is a fast, free app that lets you wirelessly manage your Android from your favorite browser. Basically lets you control your device from your desktop and sync/transfer files over wi fi.
  • A simple TODO application, you can sync your account from multiple device. You can sign in with your facebook account. Install plugin on chrome browser on desktop/laptop or any other device.
  • Chrome Best web browser for me, syncs up browser settings between multiple devices if you sign in to the browser.
  • Soundhound Music recoginition.