I haven’t been posting anything lately, and there has been much activity on Octopress either. For a strange reason, I used Octopress over Jekyll. The reason - I found Octopress prior to Jekyll. I understand that this migration may actually disrupt search indexing, but I am willing to live with that. I don’t really have much traffic going on here anyway.

Bud dy

There wasn’t any strong reason to put up above image. I like it, though not others don’t much.

The intent behind migration is, there isn’t any. I hope to migrate everything to Jekyll and customize it a bit. If you know Jekyll, you may tell that the theme is default theme. I want to jazz things up, but I don’t see much difference anyway. I rather spend time doing something interesting. CSS isn’t something that I spend my time on. Not that I don’t understand it. It’s just that I don’t do work regularly on CSS.

Before I forget, I intend to migrate away from Heroku. There are quite a few reason, foremost this is a static site. To host static site, I had an option of using AWS but I think, I am going to use Google Cloud. Will write up about that, in another post once I am done with it. For now the public access is going to be on beta.chandankumar.com